The dog whisperer

His name is Cesar Millan and he has become world famous for his treatment of dogs – and his training of dog owners. He is called “the dog whisperer” because it seems that he is able to talk to the dogs. But this is not completely correct. He is not talking to them in the sense that he has any magical powers to correct the dogs by words only. And he is not any mystical dog mind reader. It is simpler than that: he uses his wide experiences to understand the dogs’ behaviours and he has found some fundamental keys to approach the dogs, all sorts of dogs, in order to make them accept him and, most of all, to obey him. His basics sound like this: a good dog and a nice dog is submissive to its owner. A submissive dog will turn out to become a relaxed and kind dog. And to get the dog to become submissive the owner has to stand firm in his or her own attitude: I am the leader and you have to trust me with all your senses even if I now and then will treat you in a way you do not like. A good dog has to experience that he/she is just a member of the pack (group) and that he/she has nothing to do with any leadership duties.
Cesar Millan says: do not treat your dog as if it is a human member of your family. A dog is a dog, not a human. He furthermore says: there are always three steps to follow if you own and/or are taking care of a dog:
1. A dog must have a lot of physical exercise in the meaning of using all, or most of, its internal energy. A dog seeks always after something or someone to spend his/her energy on. Too much energy left after a day or two will lead to more or less disturbed behaviour.
2. A dog must learn and sense some basics in discipline (it is not a leader of the pack).
3. When 1 and 2 are created and set it is time to lean back and show your dog all your affection that you want to show to him/her.
I am “the human whisperer”. What do you think my advice will be to families in which there appear single individuals who are too easily overexcited, or too stressed, or too much struck by anxiety, or too destructive or too…whatever…
What would your advice to such families be?


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